Saturday, October 21, 2017

North Korea scenario, major PLA unit of the day: 202nd Combined-Arms Brigade, 78th Group Army (ex The 3rd Armored Brigade)

Together with her sister units up norther, she also sporting a full engineering and armor recovery elements.  

 Type 95/PGZ95 Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft System

 ARV unit

PPZ10 120-mm SP Gun-Mortar system
 PLZ89-122 of the artillery battalion

PLA Navy sets up another marine rescue squadron (DSRV)

Considering the fact that most of the new PLAN submarine operations are now shifting to the South China Sea, centering around Sanya naval base, this DSRV units is long overdue.

Three Jins SSBN and one Shang SSN at Sanya naval base

PLA Navy sets up another marine rescue squadron (DSRV)

    China Military Online
    Huang Panyue


By Guo Yuandan

BEIJING, Oct. 20 (ChinaMil) -- The South China Sea Fleet under the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy set up a new marine rescue squadron, which is expected to be a very important step for improving the PLA Navy's all-domain combat capability, an expert said.

The PLA Daily, the official newspaper of the Chinese PLA, said in a report on Oct. 19 that the squadron is a new unit set up in China's recent military reform. Now the Chinese PLA Navy has two marine rescue squadron.

Previously, the North China Sea Fleet's marine rescue squadron was the only unit of its kind in the Chinese PLA Navy, and it was responsible for all submarine rescue operations across all the PLA's naval jurisdictions.

As the name suggests, one of the main duties of the South China Sea Fleet's marine rescue squadron will deploy rescue ships, life-saving equipment and divers to save lives, resolve submarine-related problems and respond to emergencies, so as to minimize losses in submarine accidents.

Moreover, the marine rescue squadron is also responsible for fast search and emergent rescue tasks in coastal waters, high seas and even continental waters.

As the PLA Navy's mission area is expanding and going farther distances, one marine rescue squadron cannot ensure the timeliness and success rate of the rescue, especially in the South China sea.

An anonymous military expert said on Oct. 19 that the South China Sea Fleet of the Chinese PLA Navy has vast areas under its jurisdiction and convenient access to both the West Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Therefore, it is of special significance for the Chinese PLA Navy to carry out near-sea defense and far-sea escort and improve its all-domain combat capability.

According to foreign media reports, China's most advanced nuclear submarines are deployed in the South China Sea. In the light of the principle of nearby and fast assistance, it is absolutely necessary and reasonable to form a marine rescue squadron in the South China Sea.

The squadron is just like the "underwater ambulance" for submarine rescue. It will shorten the time and raise the efficiency of life saving, and effectively improve the success rate of life saving.

Also, setting up such a marine rescue squadron is extremely meaningful for supporting the Chinese PLA Navy to go farther and deeper in the world.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Vacation in Sanya

When the PLAN submarine base in Sanya Hainan was revealed to the public two years ago, it caused a stir within the PLA watching community (here).

Simultaneously, Sanya is developing into one of the nicest vacation spots in the world.  Why swim with dolphins when you can swim with Han class nuclear submarines?

The decommissioned LSM 978 (here)

Sunday, October 08, 2017

North Korea scenario, major PLA unit of the day: 68th Combined-Arms Brigade, 78th Group Army (ex 68th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, 16GA, Shenyang MR)

Judging from the recently released photos, The 68th Combined-Arms Brigade has traded in old 37mm towed AAA, PL-66 152mm howitzer and Type59 MBT for PGZ09 35mm SP-AAA,  PPZ05 120-mm gun-mortar and Type99 MBT.

More importantly, they now have a complete set of heavy duty engineering equipment for their maintenance and engineering battalions.  

Photo credit goes to Andrew KC

Armored recovery company of the maintenance battalion

Engineering Battalion 

CW Company,  engineering Battalion 

 PGZ09 35mm SP-AAA

 PPZ05 120-mm gun-mortars

Photos from 2011 at Zhurihe 

                                                             PL-66 152mm howitzer